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I meet many patients who have avoided going to a dentist because they have found dentistry to be expensive and did not place it on their list of priority to spend money on. I agree that sometimes dentistry can be quite expensive. The cost of dentistry depends on many factors and it is a totally separate topic, and I will write on it in future. What I want to write about today is how spending money and investing on your teeth and oral health now can help you prevent spending a lot in future.

We can not make our mouth sterile, we have bacteria in our oral cavity, and these bacteria feed on the food that we eat. It is a constant battle between these bacteria and us. Most of the time we win, but sometimes we lose, and we get cavities. If these cavities get detected early and treated early, it is easier to treat, it is less painful, less time consuming and less costly. But if the problem is not detected early on, and ends up progressing to a bigger problem, then it is more painful, more time consuming, and more costly.

When a cavity is detected at its earlier stage, it can be treated with drilling out the cavity and placing a filling material, when this cavity remains undetected and progresses to a larger cavity and goes to the nerve of the tooth, the treatment may require Root canal, post, and crown, which usually costs more than the filling. When the decay progresses even more, many times the tooth may need to be extracted and to replace the missing tooth, the treatment may need dental implant which is usually not covered by dental insurances and comes out be more costly. That is why I recommend all my patients to have regular dental check up and fix the problem at its early stage, and that will save many visits, time, money, and pain in future.