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Millions of adults who have always been concerned about misaligned or crooked teeth, and self-conscious about smiling, but have not sought dental treatment to straighten teeth because of mainly two reasons, it takes about two years and they don’t want to wear metal braces. With advances in dentistry, there are alternatives, One can straighten teeth without metal braces and in much less time. Two alternative options are Invisalign and six months smile. Both treatment options have something in common, which is they both straighten teeth without using a metal bracket, so one doesn’t have to be subconscious about wearing metal braces.

Invisalign treatment involves clear trays that fit over one’s teeth, and they are practically invisible to others from a conversational distance. Each tray moves teeth a little bit, and after wearing all sequential trays, one will have straight teeth.

Six months smile treatment involves bracket and wires, but instead of a traditional metal bracket and wire, it uses a clear bracket and clear wires, and it can straighten teeth as little as six months.

The way I differentiate between Invisalign and six months smile is Invisalign is more inconspicuous but six months smile take less time.

These are great advances in dentistry, and great services to my patients.